All official members of MDTC must be at least 18 years of age and be an instructor of dance. All members are requested to attend MDTC business meeting held at each MDTC workshops October thru February, and will agree to comply with all rules, laws and mandates


Non Member Teachers

Non Member dance instructors of at least 18 years of age may participate in any MDTC teacher sessions. Such instructors will be entitled to all class notes and printed material pertinent to that workshop.


Assistant Teachers

Any student of at least 13 years of age deemed capable of an advanced level of dance, may participate in any MDTC teacher session.


Any student of at least 8 years of age may participate in any MDTC student session.

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     Maine Dance Teachers Club became a reality in 1950 to two great teachers, Ellen T. Cooper and the late Evelyn Dyer Clark. Maine dance teachers were contacted and the Club began with monthly meetings at which Maine teachers offered instruction to the teachers attending. 

     As the Club and attendance grew, the Club moved to the Augusta-Waterville area and continued to hire nationally known teachers such as Gus and Nan Giordano, Lynda Gache, Bob Rizzo, Bill DiRicco, Fred Knecht, and Tom Ralabate.

    Because of the great intrest in these meetings and workshops, the Club decided to expand and offer a two day summer workshop held in Bar Harbor. This workshop hired top dance faculties, as well as Maine dance teachers, present material for students, assistant teachers and teachers.  

      Now.. 60 years later MDTC offers 4 yearly one day of dance workshops and a  Teachers Seminar.